[Ikebukuro PARCO: 2022 Spring NEW & RENEWAL] Next-generation boy group “OWV” will be appointed as a campaign model & all 15 stores will open on March 18 (Friday)


Ikebukuro Parco will be renewed this spring with 35 shops and a scale of about 800 tsubo. From the fall of 2021, we will continue to open a number of brands that will open their first stores in the area under the theme of PARCO, which can be enjoyed by genderless and ageless people.

・ TOPICIS 1: "OWV" x Ikebukuro PARCO Campaign


As a renewal campaign, we will develop an advertisement using the next-generation boy group "OWV", which is currently rapidly increasing in popularity. In the first main visual with the theme of "Find New Me", the renewed Ikebukuro Parco is expressed by coordinating with "A + TOKYO" as the main and ladies' items. We will also hold a special collaboration event of "OWV" x Ikebukuro Parco.

TOPICS 2: All 15 stores are NEW & RENEWAL OPEN on March 18th (Friday)


On March 18th (Friday), all 15 stores will be newly opened, centering on the B1F and 2F of the main building, as the first renewal. As a limited-time campaign, we are waiting for your visit with a special plan limited to the opening of each shop and a special plan limited to PARCO's official QR code payment "Pokepal payment".

Ikebukuro PARCO 2022 Spring NEW & RENEWAL Campaign Advertising

First campaign main poster

First campaign main poster

● Campaign model


A boy group formed by four former trainees who appeared in "PRODUCE 101 JAPAN". The group name "OWV" contains the strong feelings of the members, "Our only Way to get Victory". The first middle ballad of the title song, 5th single "You" will be released on Wednesday, March 9th.
[Members] Katsutoshi Nakagawa, Kosuke Honda, Fumiya Sano, Shuta Urano (from left to right)

● Campaign title

Find New Me
The new beginning shines in rainbow colors.
Find yourself new in the new Parco in the spring.

● Advertisement development period
1st: March 18th (Friday) -April 6th (Wednesday)
2nd: April 7th (Thursday) -May 8th (Sunday) * Coming soon

● Creative staff / costumes provided
・ Planning and production / Hideyuki Kato, Rio Shibata[grindhouse]
・ Cameraman / Genki Ito (Steel), Kazuma Kawasaki (Making)
・ Stylist / TOSHIO TAKEDA ・ Hair make / Kohey, Kiyomi Onuki
・ Costumes provided / A + TOKYO, PUBLIC TOKYO, UNITED TOKYO

● Making movie

(Parco Official Youtube) https://youtu.be/iAxV2m33_dc

"OWV" x Ikebukuro PARCO collaboration campaign

[NOVELTY] "OWV" trading card


During the following period, you will receive one random "OWV" original trading card from all 5 types of purchases for 4,000 yen (tax included) at the Ikebukuro Parco building.

March 18th (Friday) -Ends as soon as it runs out
[Exchange venue]
Main Building 1F Information Side Special Venue
[Exchange method]
Please present the receipt of your purchase at the exchange venue in the Ikebukuro Parco building.

* For each purchase of 4,000 yen (tax included), we will randomly give you one from all five types. * Up to 5 tickets can be exchanged per person at a time. * The purchase method does not matter. * Receipts can be added up during the period. Valid only for dates during the period. * All shops that can issue P'PARCO receipts in the main building are eligible.

[PRESENT] "OWV" autographed check


Only for Ikebukuro Parco official Instagram followers. Five people will be selected by lottery from among the applications and will be presented with an "OWV" autographed check.

[Application period]
March 18th (Friday) -April 24th (Sunday) 23:59

[Application method]
① Follow Ikebukuro Parco official Instagram "@parco_ikebukuro_official"
② Post "Like" and "Comment" to the feed post targeted for the campaign

* Please be sure to check the notes in the relevant feed post. * Winners will be notified via Instagram direct message around the beginning of May 2022. Prizes will be shipped in mid-May 2022. * It will be handed over by mail. * Ikebukuro Parco Official Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/parco_ikebukuro_official/

[CD purchase privilege] Tower Records Ikebukuro Parco store limited privilege


When you purchase OWV 5th single "You" (released on March 9, 2022) at P'PARCO 6F Tower Records, you will receive a special receipt with a member's handwritten message printed on it and an original B2 poster. Random (limited to 5) posters with autographs are also available. [Period] March 8th (Tuesday) ~ * Special receipts until March 21st (Monday holiday) * Bonus posters will end as soon as they run out

3/18 (Fri) OPEN information-Main building B1F (ladies' fashion)-

The women's fashion floor on the B1F of the main building, which is directly connected to Ikebukuro Station, has been renewed. A total of 7 stores have opened, including the latest interior "Sneijder" that incorporates sustainable design, "Lily Brown" that expresses the world of rebranding for the 10th anniversary of the brand, and "Amy Istoire" that will be the first store in the area! (* One store is open on 4/15 (Friday))



Limited items: "Half-sleeve organdy blouse" "Flare miniskirt show bread"
Novelty: Hair accessory set will be presented for purchases of 22,000 yen (tax included) or more



Limited product: "Cross design mermaid dress" (limited color: blue)
Novelty: A thermo mug will be given for purchases of 17,600 yen (tax included) or more.

・ Eimy istoire <NEW ・ Area first>


Event: creative director MANAMI visit, etc.
Novelty: Arch hand BAG (Ikebukuro limited color: black) or "Aiam" skin care set will be presented for purchases of 50,000 yen (tax included) or more.

In addition, the following 4 stores are RENEWAL OPEN on the B1F of the main building!
Samantha Thavasa
Sea Room lynn * OPEN on 4/15 (Fri.)

3/18 (Fri) OPEN information-Main building 2F (unisex fashion)-

Following the renewal in the fall of 2021, we will move to a unisex fashion floor. A total of 5 stores have opened, including "Mimi Sanjusan," which expresses genderless designs and scenes with jewelry and accessories, and "Aplus Tokyo," a women's and men's complex athleisure brand!

・ Mimi33 (Mimi Sanjusan) <NEW ・ Area first>


Limited items: "Ear cuff" "Cuff piercing + ear cuff set"
Novelty: Get a hairpin with the purchase of the above limited items

・ A + TOKYO <NEW ・ Area first>


Limited product: Collaboration product will be released * Details will be released soon

・ GRACE CONTINENTAL The Banquet <NEW ・ Area first>


Novelty: An original soup mug will be presented for purchases of 60,000 yen (tax included) or more.

In addition, the following two stores are RENEWAL OPEN on the 2nd floor of the main building!

Ikebukuro Parco 2022 Spring NEW & RENEWAL Latest information

On the B2F of the main building, the popular apple candy specialty store "Pomme d'Amour Tokyo" will open for the first time in the area. "Sakura weather (Sakura, strawberry flavor)" and "GEMPOM (red grape, cinnamon, cassis flavor)" are limited products that can only be enjoyed at the Ikebukuro Parco store.


Furthermore, on the 5th floor of the main building, the first official store "coly more!" By coly Inc., which distributes many popular app games, will open on April 1st (Friday) NEW OPEN!


・ Collie more!
"Make coly's work closer to you." We want to bring the appeal of coly's work to everyone who always loves coly's work, as well as to those who are new to us. At coly more !, we will deliver daily excitement that enriches your daily life through your work. coly representative works: "Prince Drag and Princess Matri", "Stand My Heroes", "On Air!", "The Wizard's Promise"

-Check the special website for the latest information on "Ikebukuro PARCO 2022 Spring NEW & RENEW"!

Shopping at Ikebukuro PARCO is even more profitable for 5 days from March 18th (Friday)!


PARCO official QR code payment "Pokepal payment" 10% PAY BACK

For 5 days from March 18th (Friday) to March 22nd (Tuesday), Ikebukuro PARCO special treatment for every purchase of 5,000 yen (tax included) in Ikebukuro PARCO with PARCO official QR code payment "Pokepar payment" Get a ticket worth 500 yen!

* There are conditions for redemption. Details of this campaign, how to redeem it, and the campaigns of each shop during the period will be announced on the Ikebukuro PARCO official website after March 11th (Friday).

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Ikebukuro PARCO Started renovation of the lower floors of the main building including the NEW & RENEWAL ground floor in the spring of 2022 for the first time in 16 years.

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