Play hard and learn. A children’s playground appears in the outdoor space! “IKEBUKURO LIVING LOOP × Sunshine City PLAYPARK”


November 4th (Friday) to 6th (Sunday) 11: 00-17: 00 each day

Sunshine City Co., Ltd. aims to revitalize the Higashi-Ikebukuro area and improve mobility by creating a children's playground "IKEBUKURO LIVING LOOP x Sunshine City PLAYPARK" where children can play with all their might. It will be held from November 4th (Friday) to 6th (Sunday) in the area outside the south 3 entrance of the specialty store Alpa 1F.

This play park will be held in May, July, and September of this year as a sub-venue for the IKEBUKURO LIVING LOOP*, one of the 90th anniversary projects of Toshima Ward, which promotes the creation of a walkable town . Held on the 3rd Saturday of the month.

In November, we will expand the scale of the place for children's "play" and "learning" along with content that can be learned on the theme of SDGs. Eight new contents have been added, including demonstrations of skeleton garbage trucks, street performances by the Toshima Music Circle, and workshops by Toshima Square student teams. There are a total of 19 corners, including collaborations with Seibu Landscape Co., Ltd., NEC Pro Bono Club, and Toshima Ward. Expand
Please come to the IKEBUKURO LIVING LOOP × Sunshine City PLAYPARK, which holds various workshops where children can have fun playing and learning.

An initiative that has been carried out since 2017 with the aim of making the downtown of Ikebukuro a comfortable space like a living room. Markets, workshops, and live performances are held in parks and sidewalks in Ikebukuro.
Based on the concept of "everyday life with a living room in the city", we will work with people who use Ikebukuro to create such a daily scene that can be enjoyed while walking around the city.
(Official website: )

・Stimulate children's sensibilities! Turning zero into a plus through “interesting”. What we aim for with “Playground” x “SDGs”.

Sunshine City Co., Ltd. Community Development Promotion Department Leader Yuichi Sakamoto

Sunshine City Co., Ltd. Community Development Promotion Department Leader Yuichi Sakamoto

[Comments from the person in charge]
Play is essential for children to see, hear, and experience, but due to the corona crisis, children's play was restricted. That's why I wanted to provide a place where you can play with all your might. Furthermore, I would be happy if children could have fun playing and think, “Ikebukuro is an interesting city!”
▶Interview published on the Sunshine City Sustainability website


Period: November 4th (Friday) to 6th (Sunday) 11:00 to 17:00 each day *Cancelled in bad weather
Location: Sunshine City Alpa 1F South 3 entrance outside area
*Please check the details of each workshop from the event official website.

Sunshine City Play Park Venue Map

Sunshine City Play Park Venue Map


■ “Environmental education program” for children with the theme of SDGs (Seibu Landscape Co., Ltd.)
Seibu Landscape Co., Ltd. has been certified as a “Toshima Ward International Art and Culture Ambassador / SDGs Special Ambassador” and is working to realize the “SDGs Future City” in Toshima Ward. We will hold an "Environmental Education Program" that provides opportunities for children to think about the natural environment and the SDGs.
*"Animal castanet making" and "Christmas ornament making" are on a first-come, first-served basis on the day, and will end when the materials run out.

● "Animal castanet making"
This is a craft experience using thinned wood that was supposed to be thrown away. You can create your own work by drawing illustrations and decorating with nuts. In addition, a picture-story show where you can learn the importance of the forest environment is also held!
‣Opening date: 11/4 (Fri), 5 (Sat)
‣ Participation fee: 500 yen


● "Christmas ornament making"
We will hold a workshop to make original ornaments using dried flowers (Ross flowers) that were generated in plant management and were supposed to be thrown away, and fruits such as sunflowers and sawtooth oaks!
‣Opening date: 11/4 (Fri), 6 (Sun)
‣ Participation fee: 500 yen


● “Furano Nature School Business Trip Version ~Let's walk the path of the earth for 4.6 billion years!~”
A visiting program of the Furano Shizenjuku Tokyo Campus, which is headed by writer So Kuramoto. You can learn about the magnificent history of the earth and the evolution of living things in a dramatic and fun way!
‣ Opening date: 11/5 (Sat), 6 (Sun)
‣Participation fee: Free


■ "Look, touch, and experience" workshops for children (NEC Pro Bono Club)
The NEC Pro Bono Club is a program in which NEC employees utilize their professional skills to tackle social issues. In collaboration with Toshimaki Iku Hiroba, Oyako Jikan Kotono House, and NPO Mori no Gakko, we will hold 5 contents that can be enjoyed by parents and children!


● “Owl Forest Handprint/Footprint Craft Art”
You can make handprints and foot-shaped craft art by applying water-soluble chalk, which is safe and secure even for infants, to your hands and feet.
‣Opening date: 11/5 (Sat.)
‣ Participation fee: 600 yen (with framed case)

● “Samurai Action Show”
The samurai action show being held at the parent-child rest area with a kids' space in Sugamo, "Oyako Jikan Kotono House" will be held on a business trip!
‣ Opening date: 11/4 (Fri)②・11/5(Sat)①②③・6(Sun)①③
[①11:30~ ②13:30~③15:15~] *About 15 minutes each time
‣Participation fee: Free

● "Coloring tops/Making lanterns with kitpas"


Kitpas* is used to paint frames carefully made one by one by woodworkers. Kitpas can be used to color lanterns that can be displayed in the room at Christmas.
‣Opening date: 11/5 (Sat.)
‣ Participation fee: 700 yen each
*What is Kitpass?
A crayon that can be drawn on smooth surfaces such as window glass and whiteboards and erased with a wet cloth. It can also be used like a solid paint, so you can enjoy drawing freely, such as writing watercolors. It is a product of Nippon Rikagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd. that can be used safely even by small children.

● "Future park drawn with mud paints that would be nice to have"
In Toshima Ward, part of the greenery and roadside trees in the park is turned into soil and returned to the park. It is a workshop to draw pictures with mud paints using the soil.
‣ Opening date: 11/4 (Friday) to 6 (Sunday)
‣ Participation fee: 500 yen

■Let's help sea creatures! Sea cleaning team! (Toshima Square Student Team, Cooperation: NPO Branding Port)


A program that was realized through the “Toshima Square”, a matching exchange event between university students aiming to contribute to society and companies that provide such opportunities! The student team came up with a plan from scratch!

There is a lot of garbage in the sea!? You can learn the importance of environmental protection through workshops to catch a lot of discarded garbage and clean the sea.
‣ Opening date: 11/5 (Sat), 6 (Sun)
‣Participation fee: Free


■ Toshima Ward Collaboration Corner


●Experience stacking garbage with a skeleton garbage truck! (Garbage Reduction Promotion Section)
Appeared as a skeleton that allows you to see at a glance the inside of the garbage truck that usually goes around your house. You can think and learn about garbage through the experience of loading discarded garbage.
‣ Opening date: 11/5 (Sat) 11:30-13:30
‣Participation fee: Free

●Adventure Playground (Children and Youth Division)
A play park run by the NPO Toshima Kodomo WAKUWAKU Network, which is usually held in a park in Toshima Ward, will be on a business trip during the exhibition. You can play freely by thinking and devising yourself, such as making various things with cardboard that was supposed to be thrown away, and crafting using natural materials.​
‣ Opening date: 11/4 (Friday) to 6 (Sunday)
‣Participation fee: Free

●Food Drive (Garbage Reduction Division Promotion Division)
We will set up a reception desk for the “Food Drive”, a mechanism to collect leftover food at home and provide it to those who need it, at the Sunshine City Play Park. The collected food will be handed over to children's cafeterias in the city and to those who need it through the Toshima Ward Citizens' Council of Social Welfare.
‣ Reception date and time: 11/4 (Friday) to 6 (Sunday) 11: 00-17: 00 each day

Child-rearing consultation corner (Eastern/Western Children and Families Support Center)
In addition to the child-rearing consultation corner, we will hold a tree education corner where you can play all day in collaboration with Toshima Wood Education Plaza.
‣Opening date: 11/5 (Sat.)
‣Participation fee: Free

● Toshima Music Circle (Toshima Music Circle Executive Committee Secretariat)
A public-private partnership project to create liveliness in Ikebukuro by performing musical performances at facilities, parks, and streets in Toshima Ward under the theme of "urban development through music." As one of the venues, various artists will appear at Sunshine City Play Park!

[Overview of Toshima Music Circle]
▪Schedule: 11/4 (Fri.) to 6 (Sun.) *Free admission
Location: Seibu Ikebukuro main store rooftop, Green Odori, Minami Ikebukuro Park, Sunshine City Play Park
▪Organizer: Toshima Music Circle Executive Committee
▪ “Toshima Music Circle” website:
* Please check the above site for the performers and time schedule of each venue.

◆Sunshine City Venue Timetable
‣11/5 (Sat)
①12:15~12:50 [Mira Holic] Duo of trumpet and alto sax
②14:15~14:45 [Musica Ritomico] Percussion and piano duo
③15:40~16:20 [Warakufue] Play folk songs and nursery rhymes with shinobue flutes, taiko drums and gongs.
‣11/6 (Sun)
①12:15~12:45 [Honwaka Band] Play modern jazz with contrabass and saxophone
②13:10~13:50 [Unreasonable potato] Acoustic group of 4 men and women
③14:10~14:50 【Children's Rhyme Band Itoioi! ] Sing, laugh and have fun!
④15:40~16:20 [TYO] Playing with a minimum formation of guitar, woodwind, and percussion instruments

■Other workshop information
In addition, various workshops such as "Atelier Yamada's Cardboard Art Workshop", "Ancient Orient Museum Earthenware Puzzle" and "Children's Running Class" will be held. There will also be workshops for the Sunshine City Family Project* event "Sunshine City Picture Book Forest" and "ECO Idea Contest"! For details of each workshop, please check the event official website.
‣Event official website

*What is the “Sunshine City FAMILY Project”?
Sunshine City is a project that carries out various initiatives to make Sunshine City a place where families can spend even more fun, comfort, and peace of mind.

*All images are images.
*All prices include tax.
* Depending on the situation, the contents and schedule may change.

“IKEBUKURO LIVING LOOP” is a program in which four local companies in Ikebukuro expand “everyday life with living in the city”.

[Experience report] I went to the "IKEBUKURO LIVING LOOP" special market!