Spring-colored sweets and cherry blossom viewing gourmet food gather at Ikebukuro Tobu! Available from March 14th (Thursday) to 27th (Wednesday)


The food floor of Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro Main Store will offer spring-inspired sweets, bento boxes, and side dishes perfect for cherry blossom viewing from March 14th (Thursday) to March 27th (Wednesday), 2024. We offer a wide variety of Japanese and Western sweets made with cherry blossom-flavored cream and bean paste that are cute in pale pink, bento boxes that you can spread out on a leisure sheet and share with family and friends, as well as gourmet dishes that use the flavors of spring.

■A collection of cherry blossom-flavored spring sweets


[Tobu limited item]
[Columban] No. 6, basement 1st floor
"Waffle Sakura" 594 yen (1 piece)
<Limited quantity each day>
Fall in love at first sight with its adorableness! Strained bean paste and cherry cream go perfectly together.


[Tobu limited item]
[Kyobashi Sembikiya] Basement 1st floor, No. 4
"Sakura Mont Blanc" 1,037 yen (1 piece)
<20 items scheduled to be sold each day>
A Japanese-flavored marriage of cherry blossom bean paste cream and matcha sponge.
*Sales period: From Friday, March 15th


[Tobu limited item]
[Dalloyot Les Macarons] Basement 1st floor, No. 4
"Raw Macaron Sakura Mochi Style" 324 yen (1 piece)
Sandwiched with cherry blossom filling cream and gyuhi. Chewy cherry blossom mochi-style macarons.


[A la Campagne] No. 4, basement 1st floor
"Tart au Sakura" 864 yen (1 cut)
*The photo is of the hall. <30 items scheduled to be sold each day>
The full aroma of cherry blossom tiramisu and cherry mousse will excite your heart.


[Kanazawa Waon] Basement 1st floor, No. 4
"Sakura Mochi (Chomeiji Temple)" 324 yen (1 piece)
A chewy texture with strained bean paste and gyuhi wrapped in a thin skin.


[Ryoguchiya Korekiyo] No. 4, basement 1st floor
"Sasaragata Sakura" 324 yen (1 piece)
Red bean paste with the scent of cherry blossom leaves sandwiched between cherry-colored Anmurasame.

■A cherry blossom viewing bento that everyone can share and enjoy!


[Tobu limited item]
[Hokushin Sushi] Basement 2nd floor, No. 10
“Spring Temari Sushi & Pressed Sushi Bento” 1,480 yen (1 fold)
<30 items scheduled to be sold each day>
Spring sushi such as popular toppings and cherry blossom sea bream garnished with cherry blossoms.


[Tobu limited item]
[Bal Marche Kodama Meat Delicatessen] B1F No. 10
“Spring Bento” 2,700 yen (1 fold/approx. 3-4 servings)
<10 items scheduled to be sold each day>
A butcher-like dish of raw ham and sausage.


[Tobu limited item]
[Sendagi Koshizuka] 10th basement floor
“Two types of spring-colored pressed sushi” 1,030 yen (1 fold)
<12 items scheduled to be sold each day>
Meat pressed sushi where you can enjoy the famous corned beef and ham.

■Look out for gourmet food that uses the flavors of spring!


[Nipponbashi Large Increase] Basement 2nd Floor, No. 4
“Bamboo shoot rice fold” 1,501 yen (1 fold)
Full of spring flavors such as bamboo shoot rice, grilled mackerel with yuan, and sakuramochi.


[Tobu limited item]
[Meat specialty store Sugimoto] No. 11, 2nd basement floor
“Chicken karaage and pork fillet cutlet bento” 1,080 yen (1 fold)
<20 items scheduled to be sold each day>
The salt and koji chicken karaage goes perfectly with the bamboo shoot rice.
*Sale period: Until April 9th (Tuesday)


[Tobu limited item]
[Sadamatsu Juice & Sweets] No. 9, 2nd basement floor
"Strawberry shake with raw puree"
Eat-in 918 yen (1 cup)
Takeout 901 yen (1 cup)
<Limited quantity each day>
The original fresh taste of raw strawberries.


[Tobu limited item]
[Sage & Fennel] B1F No. 10
"Asparagus and Yuba Salad"
848 yen (1 pack)
<Limited quantity each day>
Spring asparagus and tofu skin with a refreshing tomato and citrus dressing.

*The displayed price includes consumption tax. If you eat in the restaurant space (eat-in), the price will be subject to the consumption tax rate of 10%.
※The photograph is an image.
*Contents as of March 1st. Store brands and contents are subject to change.

[Tobu Department Store Co., Ltd.] From a press release

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