Grand Cinema Sunshine Ikebukuro 5th Anniversary Screening “5! 5! 5! 5! Go!!!!!” 3rd installment “Weathering With You” will be screened for one week only! Director Makoto Shinkai will also be appearing at the event!


In addition, "TENET" IMAX® admission will be given a gift! Original theater merchandise will also be on sale!

Grand Cinema Sunshine Ikebukuro, which will celebrate its 5th anniversary on Friday, July 19th, has decided to show "Weathering With You" for one week only as the third installment of its 5th Anniversary Special Screenings "5! 5! 5! 5! Go!!!!!". A special talk show with director Makoto Shinkai will also be held on Saturday, July 20th.

In addition, special postcards will be distributed as a gift to attendees of the IMAX screening of "TENET" scheduled to start on Friday, July 5th. To commemorate the 5th anniversary, the theater will also start selling original tote bags and T-shirts.

"Weathering with You" is a memorable film that was released on July 19, 2019, the opening day of Grand Cinema Sunshine Ikebukuro. The film is set in Ikebukuro, and many scenes from the area are depicted in the film. The Blu-ray and DVD released after the film's release also attracted attention when Grand Cinema Sunshine Ikebukuro was included as an additional cut in the film.

"Weathering with You" main cut (new)

"Weathering with You"
[Screening Period] July 17th (Wed) – July 23rd (Tue) *1 week limited screening
[Admission fee] Regular price

■ Details of "Weathering with You"

Teaser poster_B1_resubmission_outline

"I wanted to go into that light." Summer in his first year of high school. Hodaka runs away from home on a remote island and comes to Tokyo. However, he soon finds himself in financial difficulty, and after many lonely days, he finally finds a job as a writer for a suspicious occult magazine. As if to suggest what lies ahead for him, the rain continues to fall day after day. Meanwhile, in a corner of the thronging city, Hodaka meets a girl. Hina is a girl who lives cheerfully and resiliently with her younger brother, despite her own circumstances. She has a mysterious power. "Hey, it's going to clear up now." Little by little, the rain stops, and the streets begin to shine beautifully. It is the power to clear the sky just by praying.

Original story, script and direction: Makoto Shinkai
Distributor: Toho
2019/Japan/114 minutes
©2019 "Weathering With You" Production Committee

■ Director Makoto Shinkai's appearance event

Director Makoto Shinkai

"Weathering With You" Special Talk Show
7/20 (Sat) 18:00 show
Speaker: Director Makoto Shinkai
Admission fee: Regular price

*Details regarding ticket sales will be announced on the Grand Cinema Sunshine Ikebukuro website at a later date.

■Gifts for IMAX moviegoers of "TENET" announced!

Special artwork for "TENET" has arrived to coincide with the special screening celebrating the 5th anniversary of the opening of Grand Cinema Sunshine Ikebukuro!
In addition, it has been decided that special postcards using this artwork will be distributed as a gift to ticket attendees of the IMAX Laser GT subtitled screening of "TENET" beginning on Friday, July 5th.
This gift will be given to visitors exclusively to Grand Cinema Sunshine Ikebukuro.
Take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience "TENET" in IMAX and get a gift for everyone who attends!

TENET_100_148_0624 Preparation

© 2020 Warner Bros Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

*Due to limited quantities, this offer will end as soon as stock runs out.
*Each person will receive one admission gift per viewing.
*This is not a special gift for purchasing a ticket. Distribution without admission will not be permitted.
*We cannot accept returns or exchanges of bonuses due to differences that do not impair the visual image, such as minor scratches or color unevenness that occur during the manufacturing process, or slight wrinkles or scratches that occur during delivery.
*The bonus items are not for sale. Please refrain from reselling them.

■Original theater merchandise on sale!

To commemorate the 5th anniversary of the theater's opening, original tote bags and T-shirts will be on sale at the Grand Cinema Sunshine Ikebukuro 4F store from Friday, July 5th. The original goods incorporate the words "I'm a moviegoer," which means "a movie fan" or "someone who often goes to the movies," in the hope that everyone will enjoy movies even more. The tote bags will be black, and the T-shirts will come in two patterns: black and white.

Tote black design_page-0001

Tote bag (black)
¥2,000(excluding tax)

T-shirt black design_page-0001

T-shirt (black)
¥3,000(excluding tax)

T-shirt white design_page-0001

T-shirt (white)
¥3,000(excluding tax)

Details on ticket sales for each film will be provided on the Grand Cinema Sunshine Ikebukuro website.

5th Anniversary Event "5! 5! 5! 5! Go!!!!!" 3rd Project News Page

■ Theater Overview
Grand Cinema Sunshine Ikebukuro
Opening date: July 19, 2019
Location: Grandscape Ikebukuro, 1-30-3 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
12 screens
IMAX theater seating capacity: 542 seats
4DX seating capacity: 160 seats
Total number of seats: 2,443

From Sasaki Kogyo Co., Ltd.'s press release

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