First birth of sea lion pups at Sunshine Aquarium Name voting * Voting period: September 8th (Wednesday) to 30th (Thursday) Result announcement: October 9th (Saturday) *


Determined by "voting" from 3 candidates!

At the Sunshine Aquarium (Ikebukuro, Tokyo), on Sunday, May 9, 2021, the first baby California sea lion was born since it opened as the Sunshine International Aquarium in 1978.

From September 8th (Wednesday) to 30th (Thursday), we will hold a vote on the names of sea lion pups that continue to grow. From the three name candidates narrowed down by the Sunshine Aquarium staff, the name of the sea lion cub will be decided by your vote *!

The name will be announced on October 9th (Sat) at the Sunshine Aquarium (local) and the official Instagram account (sunshine_aquarium).

(* Voting can be participated by those who have purchased a total of 1,500 yen or more (tax included) at the shop Aqua Pocket in the main building, or those who have registered an official LINE account limited to annual passport members as a friend.)


・ Implementation outline

Voting period: September 8th (Wednesday) to 30th (Thursday), 2021
Voting place: Near the aquarium exit
Voting participation target:
➀ Customers who purchase a total of 1,500 yen or more (tax included) at the Shop Aqua Pocket
→ Shop After shopping at Aqua Pocket, you will be given a ballot.
② Customers with an annual Sunshine Aquarium passport
→ At the aquarium exit, you will be given a ballot by presenting your name voting right and annual passport that you received from your official LINE account. Details will be announced on the aquarium website at a later date.

Name candidate:
➀ "Goku"
Reason for selection: Born on May 9th, which is a rare time for a California sea lion to give birth, Goku at "59".
Make it easier for everyone to remember the date of birth. With the hope that he will grow up to be a strong and energetic male like Sun Wukong of Nishiyuki.

② "Chapa"
Reason for selection: The first baby born between Chap and Paco. Take the initials of your parents. With the hope that the sea lions will grow up as gentle as Chap and as curious as Paco.

③ "Sun"
Reason for selection: Sunshine sunshine because it is the first baby sea lion born at the Sunshine Aquarium.
The breeding of sea lions, which the breeding staff have longed for, is like the sun. With the wish to become a shining sea lion forever.

19 days old

19 days old

21 days old

21 days old

<California sea lion pup profile>
Born May 9, 2021 Male
Weight: 24.3 kg (as of 8/26)
Father: Chap (11 years old) Mother: Paco (12 years old)


★ Everyone who voted will receive a "sea lion cub postcard" exclusively for this time!

* At Sunshine Aquarium, we are working to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infectious diseases so that our customers can visit us with peace of mind. We ask for your understanding and cooperation when visiting the museum. Please check the Sunshine Aquarium website for more information.
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■ Overview of Sunshine Aquarium
Location: 3-1 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo Sunshine City World Import Mart Building / Rooftop
Business hours: 9: 30-21: 00, 10: 00-18: 00 (September 13-)
* Last admission is 1 hour before the end * Subject to change.
Admission: Adults (high school students and above) 2,400 yen, children (elementary and junior high school students) 1,200 yen, infants (4 years old and above) 700 yen
Contact: Sunshine Aquarium 03-3989-3466
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